Mercina Markou

After graduating from Year 12, I followed the pathway that I was told was the ‘logical’ next step…I went to university.

Being a practical learner, I soon found the classroom setting of uni to be disengaging – not to mention that I wasn’t even sure if what I was studying was the right career for me.

So, I made the decision to leave uni and worked in retail for a year before I stumbled across an ad for a ‘business traineeship’. I had no idea that this interview would be the start of what has been an amazing career in the corporate world!

Fast track 10 years to now, where I lead the recruitment team at ARC and love what I do as every day we make career development easy for young people just like you!

I am thankful every day for the opportunity that ARC gave me all those years ago and find a great sense of fulfillment in working with other business who support young people in their careers.

Find out a little bit more about me in a little video I made for you here:

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