Makaela Cremona

Throughout my time at high school, I was always set that I wanted to graduate, attend university and become a primary school teacher. At school, we didn’t have many post-school options presented to us, one of the few being university. My parents also wanted to see me take this route so I thought that was the best option.

Come the end of my first year of uni, I found that it was not for me at all. I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore and I found the structure of uni was quite difficult. I took some time to work, did a few other courses to see what I enjoyed and even went back to uni as I thought I should just finish what I started… but I only lasted 3 weeks! I came to the realisation that I wanted to gain hands-on experience, wanting to start my career as a receptionist. However, I found it difficult to find any positions that didn’t require any experience.

That’s when I found ARC and business traineeships! It really appealed to me that not only could I gain full time work out of this opportunity but I was also able to study and gain a qualification in business at the same time. Since completing my traineeship in July 2018, I have since been successful in gaining a role in the recruitment team where I am able to challenge myself every day, work with an amazing team and grow my career even further!

Find out a little bit more about me in a little video I made for you here:

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