Justine Clark

After completing Year 12, I was really confused about where I wanted my career to take me. I had always wanted to get into school teaching however, being the hands-on learner I am, the thought of attending uni for four years just didn’t really appeal to me.

I thought I would take a gap year, find a job, and by then, hopefully I would be able to find the right direction! My job search lead me to ARC Group where I applied for a customer service position at a large financial organisation. During my time in my 12-month business traineeship where I learnt invaluable skills that have helped me throughout my career, I was offered to stay on permanently at the host company I was assigned to and worked there for seven years. Striving for success, I worked my way up to a senior role in the business, as an acting team leader, mentoring and training a motivated, ambitious team around me.

After a working holiday for two years in London, I wanted to work towards a company that shared my values and passion for education. This landed me back at ARC which is where it all started! I have been here at ARC for nearly four years now, starting off as a Recruitment Consultant and working my way up to now a Senior Recruitment Consultant position.

There are so many opportunities this traineeship can give you and with hard work and dedication you can aim to achieve any goal you set!

Find out a little bit more about me in a little video I made for you here: https://youtu.be/M-85vOKca0A

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