ARCie Graduate 2017

Qualification: Certificate IV in Business

Currently: Training Delivery Coordinator at ARC

How did you find out about your Traineeship?

I found out about it through a friend, who was a Trainee with ARC.

What have you learnt? What do you know now that you didn’t know before completing your Traineeship?

I have learnt many things about RTO’s and the VET Sector in regards to the guidelines that an RTO runs by and what determines compliance. I have also learnt things along the lines of how to coordinate venues, trainers and resources to ensure a successful program, analysing and entering data, invoicing and how to implement continuous improvement in all processes.

Do you have any highlights/favourite things about doing your Traineeship?

The highlight of my traineeship was the fact that so much information and knowledge was made available and gained through my colleagues and the tasks that I had to complete. Not to mention the support provided by my managers and fellow work mates.

What have you achieved for yourself or the host employer during your Traineeship?

For myself I have learnt a large amount about what it takes to be part of a company and I have also developed a lot of different skills that can be taken out of the work place and implemented into everyday life. As for the company I have aided in the improvement of many processes as well as the implementation and coordination of a program that spans across 3 states.

How do you think your Traineeship has benefited your career?

Not only has it provided me with a qualification but it has also provided me with an invaluable amount of experience that will aid me in all future endeavours.

How do you think your Traineeship has benefited you personally?

It has provided me with many different skills and life lessons that will aid me in my own personal projects.

Is there anything you didn’t like or that you believe should be improved with the Traineeship process? 


What do you think of having a host employer and working full time as part of the qualification process?

It is extremely good, not only do you complete a qualification, you also gain a lot of experience throughout the whole process which will give a lot more meaning to the information gained through the qualification itself.

Is there anyone you would like to thank? Please explain why. 

I would like to thank my two managers, Emma Jory and David Kopycinski. The knowledge and support they have provided me with has been invaluable, they are both exceptional at what they do, along with everyone else in ARC make coming to work a pleasure. I hope one day to be able to have the same effect on someone else’s life as they have on mine. I would also like to thank ARC as a whole for all the opportunities they have made available to me and look forward to continuing my career with ARC and making career development easy!