ARCie Graduate 2017

Qualification: Certificate III in Business

Currently: Client Service Leader at The Executive Centre

How did you find out about your Traineeship?

I was looking for work on Seek.

What have you learnt? What do you know now that you didn’t know before completing your Traineeship?

I have learnt the correct operating procedures within a large corporate environment. This Traineeship has helped me greatly improve my communication etiquette.

Do you have any highlights/favourite things about doing your Traineeship?

Working in various locations and achieving leadership responsibility.

What have you achieved for yourself or the host employer during your Traineeship?

Becoming a Client Service Leader and meeting monthly targets.

How do you think your Traineeship has benefited your career?

My skills will now be recognised with all future employers.

How do you think your Traineeship has benefited you personally?

I have definitely grown and matured as a person and also have made many long lasting relationships.

Is there anything you didn’t like or that you believe should be improved with the Traineeship process. 

Having the same Trainer throughout the duration of the Traineeship would be beneficial.

What do you think of having a host employer and working full time as part of the qualification process?

It’s great, you get to learn and work at the same time, you don’t have to just pick one.

Is there anyone you would like to thank? Please explain why. 

ARC for providing me with their guidance and support during my Traineeship. I would also like to thank The Executive Centre for welcoming me and providing me with the relevant training.