Entries by Eva Akyol

Makaela Cremona

Throughout my time at high school, I was always set that I wanted to graduate, attend university and become a primary school teacher. At school, we didn’t have many post-school options presented to us, one of the few being university. My parents also wanted to see me take this route so I thought that was […]

Madison Dodds

After graduating Year 12, I knew I wanted a career in the Business industry, but didn’t want to commit to another 3 to 4 years of full time study and I wanted to start earning more money! After realising most companies were looking for ‘at least 1 years’ experience’, I searched for business traineeships and […]

Mercina Markou

After graduating from Year 12, I followed the pathway that I was told was the ‘logical’ next step…I went to university. Being a practical learner, I soon found the classroom setting of uni to be disengaging – not to mention that I wasn’t even sure if what I was studying was the right career for […]

Justine Clark

After completing Year 12, I was really confused about where I wanted my career to take me. I had always wanted to get into school teaching however, being the hands-on learner I am, the thought of attending uni for four years just didn’t really appeal to me. I thought I would take a gap year, […]