Ailidh Morrison

After completing Year 12, I was out to make my parents proud. Of course, that meant going to university. I lasted 6 months. I couldn’t learn and I definitely was not motivated. I knew I was a hands-on learner and I had missed the support we would get at school. Four years of this? No way.

I left university to travel. After an experience to never forget, I was back in my hometown searching for a job. I stumbled across ARC Group and that same week, made the trip to Sydney for an interview. I soon found myself living in the city while completing a business traineeship with ARC – halfway through my course, I was hosted to a large financial organisation.

I had big dreams, dreams I didn’t even know were possible if I hadn’t been given my traineeship opportunity. Those dreams became a reality when I completed my traineeship and stepped into a leadership role in that same company, leading the teams I was once a member of! I spent three years in this role, and through that role, I recognised in myself a burning passion to make career development easy. Naturally, I found myself back at ARC, where I currently work in a 360 Recruitment Consultant role!

I get to live my passion of changing lives and kick-starting career paths every day. I count my lucky stars that I stumbled across ARC – the opportunities are endless and you can do just the same!

Find out a little bit more about me in a little video I made for you here:

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