Makaela Cremona

Throughout my time at high school, I was always set that I wanted to graduate, attend university and become a primary school teacher. At school, we didn’t have many post-school options presented to us, one of the few being university. My parents also wanted to see me take this route so I thought that was the best option.

Come the end of my first year of uni, I found that it was not for me at all. I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore and I found the structure of uni was quite difficult. I took some time to work, did a few other courses to see what I enjoyed and even went back to uni as I thought I should just finish what I started… but I only lasted 3 weeks! I came to the realisation that I wanted to gain hands-on experience, wanting to start my career as a receptionist. However, I found it difficult to find any positions that didn’t require any experience.

That’s when I found ARC and business traineeships! It really appealed to me that not only could I gain full time work out of this opportunity but I was also able to study and gain a qualification in business at the same time. Since completing my traineeship in July 2018, I have since been successful in gaining a role in the recruitment team where I am able to challenge myself every day, work with an amazing team and grow my career even further!

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Madison Dodds

After graduating Year 12, I knew I wanted a career in the Business industry, but didn’t want to commit to another 3 to 4 years of full time study and I wanted to start earning more money!

After realising most companies were looking for ‘at least 1 years’ experience’, I searched for business traineeships and found out I could work Monday to Friday, get a qualification and still earn a full time wage (winning)!

Fast forward to now, five years later, and I have built a very fulfilling career in the recruitment industry helping school leavers (just like you) start their career in the business industry.

I look forward to helping you along your journey!

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Mercina Markou

After graduating from Year 12, I followed the pathway that I was told was the ‘logical’ next step…I went to university.

Being a practical learner, I soon found the classroom setting of uni to be disengaging – not to mention that I wasn’t even sure if what I was studying was the right career for me.

So, I made the decision to leave uni and worked in retail for a year before I stumbled across an ad for a ‘business traineeship’. I had no idea that this interview would be the start of what has been an amazing career in the corporate world!

Fast track 10 years to now, where I lead the recruitment team at ARC and love what I do as every day we make career development easy for young people just like you!

I am thankful every day for the opportunity that ARC gave me all those years ago and find a great sense of fulfillment in working with other business who support young people in their careers.

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Justine Clark

After completing Year 12, I was really confused about where I wanted my career to take me. I had always wanted to get into school teaching however, being the hands-on learner I am, the thought of attending uni for four years just didn’t really appeal to me.

I thought I would take a gap year, find a job, and by then, hopefully I would be able to find the right direction! My job search lead me to ARC Group where I applied for a customer service position at a large financial organisation. During my time in my 12-month business traineeship where I learnt invaluable skills that have helped me throughout my career, I was offered to stay on permanently at the host company I was assigned to and worked there for seven years. Striving for success, I worked my way up to a senior role in the business, as an acting team leader, mentoring and training a motivated, ambitious team around me.

After a working holiday for two years in London, I wanted to work towards a company that shared my values and passion for education. This landed me back at ARC which is where it all started! I have been here at ARC for nearly four years now, starting off as a Recruitment Consultant and working my way up to now a Senior Recruitment Consultant position.

There are so many opportunities this traineeship can give you and with hard work and dedication you can aim to achieve any goal you set!

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Ailidh Morrison

After completing Year 12, I was out to make my parents proud. Of course, that meant going to university. I lasted 6 months. I couldn’t learn and I definitely was not motivated. I knew I was a hands-on learner and I had missed the support we would get at school. Four years of this? No way.

I left university to travel. After an experience to never forget, I was back in my hometown searching for a job. I stumbled across ARC Group and that same week, made the trip to Sydney for an interview. I soon found myself living in the city while completing a business traineeship with ARC – halfway through my course, I was hosted to a large financial organisation.

I had big dreams, dreams I didn’t even know were possible if I hadn’t been given my traineeship opportunity. Those dreams became a reality when I completed my traineeship and stepped into a leadership role in that same company, leading the teams I was once a member of! I spent three years in this role, and through that role, I recognised in myself a burning passion to make career development easy. Naturally, I found myself back at ARC, where I currently work in a 360 Recruitment Consultant role!

I get to live my passion of changing lives and kick-starting career paths every day. I count my lucky stars that I stumbled across ARC – the opportunities are endless and you can do just the same!

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